Werte, Verhalten, Struktur

Value (personal and cultural) A personal value is absolute or relative and ethical value, the assumption of which can be the basis for ethical action. A value system is a set of consistent values and measures. Aprinciple value is a foundation upon which other values and measures of integrity are based. Those values which are not physiologically determined and normally considered objective, such as a desire to avoid physical pain, weiter lesen →

Innovation – erzeugen, realisieren

Sources of Innovation There are several sources of innovation. According to Peter F. Drucker the general sources of innovations are different changes in industry structure, in market structure, in local and global demographics, in human perception, mood and meaning, in the amount of already available scientific knowledge, etc.. Also, internet research, developing of people skills, language development, cultural background, Skype, Facebook, etc. weiter lesen →

Motivation – Wie sind wir motiviert?

Business See also: Work motivation At lower levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, such as physiological needs, money is a motivator, however it tends to have a motivating effect on staff that lasts only for a short period (in accordance with Herzberg’s two-factor model of motivation). At higher levels of the hierarchy, praise, respect, recognition, empowerment and a sense of belonging are far more powerful weiter lesen →